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Yes. We are not only building nice websites, but we focus to create effective solutions which would help to achieve business goals. Websites can be optimized for more effective conversions, sales, leads or even for keeping your current client happy. Besides building a good business presence on social media and trust websites is important and that is another thing that we help on. Analyzing it all is important, so we help to analyze website traffic, competition and the market. Besides we help to keep track of all conversions to see what is working better.  

A well optimized website can work as a sales pitch. Having all the details about your business and the needed information on your website can be super helpful to sell it easier and it can save you lots of time too. Website is also easy to share and find online, so it can generate visitors organically too. By optimizing it for Search Engines (SEO) you can generate very targeted traffic from Google too, which can easily convert to your new clients / leads.

Web design is very important part to have for digital market, but if you already have it or if your budget is low, we can help by managing your business presence online and your business reputation and creating you social media and advertising strategies. If you have negative inpact online about your business you may be losing your potential clients. We can help to fix it and by fixing it you may attract additional clients too, because your business may rank better on Google Maps and other sources too. 

We live in times when everyone has a smartphone and internet on it. Most of us have laptops or tablets too. There are more and more new local businesses starting their path on the internet. Most of them use the internet as their main way to promote themselves. It's already proved many times that internet can help any kind of businesses to generate even more business. Besides all of that digital marketing is much more cheaper than traditional marketing, so we are sure it is worth to try it.   

Websites are made of files, which needs to be hosted on web hosting - virtual servers. Usually for keeping the website online - hosting - it may cost from 15$ per month. If website has a lot of images on it or generates tens of thousands of visits per month or more - it may require even more costly servers.

Domain is internet name address like for example Most popular domains are .com, .net, .org or the country ones like .us or .ca. Domains are renewed yearly and usually costs around 15$ per year.

To keep the website online you just have to get good servers and they may take care of it's files. However not all the hosting companies keep the websites secure and backup all the needed data. We can take care of your website by offering monthly maintenance or yearly subscription to our servers - which includes the required maintenance, security and backups.

Professional email which includes your domain is a good choice for a business email. It looks must more professional and trustworthy, besides it includes your website address if someone who emails you, would like to visit your site, too! We can take care of email like this by creating them and connecting them to gmail. From gmail you can simply receive all the emails sent to your business email and send emails from the same business email, too. 

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